Marriage, literally known as legal union between man and woman as husband and wife, is inevitable in any civilised society. Only the ways of finding a bride and bridegroom differs around the world and Nepal is no exception. In olden days, Swayambara was the tradition. Composed of two words, Swayam and Vara, means choosing one’s husband according to one’s choice and liking. Men were invited and the woman chose one among them as her life partner. Then there came a time where the parents would find a suitable match for their children. Irrespective any consultation or acceptance of the partners they were married according to the wish of their parents.

Furthermore, with changes in time, child marriage and dowry system became rampant. Bur slowly with education this ill tradition disappeared from our society for good. With the advent of the modern age, the meaning of marriage has changed and now love marriages are in practice. Getting married is not an easy task. A lot of responsibility comes along with it. Thus young people who jump into marriage without knowing its values should understand the concept before spending life with each other. I would like to conclude saying that marriage should be performed with acceptance and understanding from both the partners. — Ram Kumar Thapa Chhetri, Kathmandu Higher Secondary School, Chabahil