Welcoming our guests

Nepal is a mountainous country located in the lap of the Himalayas. She is famous for her green forests, waterfalls, flora and fauna and many artistic temples. People from different countries visit Nepal because of these attractions. So tourism can flourish in our country.

Tourists love our natural beauty, unity, culture and society. They love the unity in diversity that they see in Nepal.

In the context of Nepal, tourism has many advantages. Firstly, when tourists come and stay here, we can earn foreign currency from them. To know the place better, they need guides, so young people can get employment. When tourists see the truth with their own eyes, they shed off their prejudices. They will come to know that Nepali people are peace loving, friendly

and cooperative.

However, there are some problems which have to be tackled. Firstly, there should be peace and security. There aren’t proper accommodation facilities in all parts of our country which is necessary. We must respect tourists with our open hearts. Events like Visit Nepal Year should be celebrated more often.

Nepal has the potentiality of developing tourist trade. So the government should launch special programmes too.

— Sankalpa Gautam, Small Heaven School, Narayangarh