Darkness gives away to light Sadness ends with news of joy And as the saying goes

Every cloud has a silver lining Likewise as the cold, dark, gloomy winter bids goodbye

Gracefully and silently arrives spring Bringing aquamarine blue skies with fluffy floating clouds, chirping birds, fluttering butterflies, humming bees, frolicking lambs and mooing cows, all signifying happiness, joy and life.

In China the colour green signifies spring and life. In Nepal and India, yellow is the colour that depicts brightness, light and the giver of life. Ten days prior to the full moon in late January or early February falls the festival of Basanta Panchami. This festival heralds the advent of spring. Songs of spring are sung. The season is inaugurated with gun salutes while the royal priests conduct elaborate ceremonies in honour of the Goddess of learning and the coming of spring. Yellow is worn on that day as it depicts brightness, the coming of spring, light, joy and life.

Poonam Rajya Laxmi Rana

Spring is just around the corner. The most suitable colours, which represent the spring season, are blue and green. The colour blue represents a cloudless sky. The colour blue also develops tranquillity in our hearts and soul. Green on the other hand represents the colour of growing grass.

Alisha Manandhar

Green represents the spring season the best. Green is the colour of plants and trees. In spring, trees start to grow new leaves and everything seems fresh and new.

Paridhi Acharya

The intrinsic beauty of nature is observed through the eye of spring season. This season revives the enthusiasm for life and relieves us from monotonous work. This season helps plant in our hearts the seeds of the flowers of joy, happiness and friendship and plucks away hatred, enmity and sadness.

The earth is decorated like a princess. Everywhere there are blooming flowers. Birds are found singing their sweet rhymes and animals are lost in their own sweet dreams.

Green colour is the ambassador of this season.

Green leaves cover the trees; green grass is found spreading all over the ground. It is in this season that the trees start to bear fruits and the fruits are raw and green. The colour green is found reflected in lakes, shallow rivers and in the eyes of animals and birds. As we move to a deeper level, spring season conveys the message of tranquillity, harmony and provides inner strength to face life’s challenges. Though other colours are also worthy of characterising this season green is to be the most predominant.

Sailesh Acharya

“The tree hums quietly to itself a lullaby to the buds bursting with baby leaves its braches ride

the winds and in all its new green glory the tree begins to sing,” says Robert Fisher. These lines reconfirm that spring is the loveliest of all seasons. Undoubtedly it’s the colour green that everyone and everything waits for in spring. It’s the overwhelming beauty of the greenery that sheds light and illuminates the dark corners of the earth created by winter. The greenery attracts a chorus of natural sounds from the forests and fields. While, human sentiments find expression in this beauty and bounty of Nature during spring. Happiness is abounding at this time.

Suraj Khatri

Spring is the rainbow of the year. It embraces a gamut of colours directly and indirectly. As a prelude to summer, the whole rainbow is the representation of the colour of spring. As a rainbow, it rejuvenates the lives of not only humans, but also many animals and, of course, the plants.

Rajendra Thakurathi

Spring is the season between winter and summer. It generally lasts from March to June. Spring is just around the corner. It’s almost time to welcome the best season of the year. It is the time when we can relieve stress and just have fun.

Spring is a very romantic season, as well. Spring season can be represented through many colours. I

personally feel that blue and white are colour that best represent spring because the colours are both relaxing and

romantic. Since they are light colours they represent pleasure and happiness.

Light colour match spring a lot. Beside white and blue, orange, yellow, light green and other light colours also represent this season.

Suprima Shrestha

All seasons have their own essential factors by which they are known to us. Among them spring is the most famous and lovely season. We can say that spring is the season of greenery. The world is painted in different shades of green during this season. Hence, the best colour to represent spring season is green.

Rajib Sherchan

Spring is the queen of seasons. It follows close on the heels of winter. With the entry of spring, the weather begins to grow warm and agreeable.

The colours that represent this season the best are yellow, blue

and green. The bright sun shines all day long making the days brighter and fresher. The snow melts and the mountains look so glorious in the warmth of the season. Transforming the fog to a thing of the past, the greenery imparts vigour to every soul. The withered gardens regain their life in shades of blue, green

and yellow. Streams and rivers, which had gone dry, begin to flow again. It is of course the green splendour of the countryside that inspires the poets to write poems in praise of the loveliness and charm of this season. In the spring season, yellow, green and blue rule the environment through the bright sun, green vegetation and the clear majestic mountains.

Seema Subedi

Spring season is nearing. Spring is supposed to the queen of seasons. The poets and artists fail not in mentioning this season in their creations. Nature seems to be decorated in bridal attire. Hence, it is not just a colour or two that represents the season but a good blend and coordination of colours that truly symbolises the meaning of this beautiful season. There is no specific colour that alone distracts or attracts attention; it depends totally on one’s perceptions.

Prakash Chandra Neupane

The colour red would definitely symbolise one’s mood during the spring season. Spring bestows on us joy, peace and happiness. It also lightens our soul and its beauty reflects our spirit during the spring. The colour red would signify the triumph of happiness over sorrow and peace over angst.

Puskar Bura

Some colours of the rainbow

like green and orange are the colours that represent the season of spring the best. Purple and orange are the colours of youth and hope, courage and eternity. Green reflects purity. Light and bright colours symbolise spring

Sanju Lama

Spring is the season that acts as a bridge between winter and summer. With the onset of spring we leave the chilly winter behind and ready ourselves to get lost in this beautiful season. As far as the choice of colour for this season is concerned it all depends on a persons tastes and preferences. Yellowish red represents this season the best. The unique combination of this colour helps brighten up the entire place.

Ambika Pandey

Red represent spring season the best because this colour stimulates us. In our society, we use red for any auspicious occasion, for example, during weddings and pujas.

Subarna Shakya

I like green and blue because they’re so natural. When you look at the green grass or the green trees, it makes your eyes feel good and it relaxes you. When you see the clean blue sky during spring it makes you feel one with Nature.

Utshav Shrestha

Spring depicts the arrival of warmth and joy. Green is most suitable a colour in representing the beauty of this season. Green symbolises Nature. It seems as if the hills are painted green. Green also symbolises logic and honesty.

Furthermore, green is the colour that permits us to move ahead. In the same way, spring pushes us on.

Ateet Kumar Singh

The only colour that represents spring season the best is green. We cannot avoid this colour while describing spring.

Mohan Ojha

Colours like cyan, violet, pink, yellow, sky blue and salmon represents this season the best because such colours have the aptitude to enchant people’s eyes and mind.

Samita Karki

Spring starts with the blooming of flowers of various colours like red, blue, purple, white and green. Among those colours, green represents this season the best as it gives freshness and brings pleasure to the eyes and mind. This colour brings happiness not only to humans but also to the animals and birds. Animals jump from one place to another in the green grass and birds come out chirping as the cold has now gone into hiding.

Mohan Narshingh Shrestha

Red and white are the two colours that represent spring season the best. Red stands for love while white refers to peace and union.

Deepace Shrestha