Life is a struggle and we have to fight for existence. It begins with birth and ends in death.

When we are small we don’t know anything. Our parent’s care for us and try their best to fulfil our dreams and demands. We grow up and go to school. Step by step we start learning and experiencing different parts of life like our teenage years. At this stage, we tend to think that only we know what is right.

We need to remember that no one can get through life without failures and mistakes. So, admit your mistakes and learn from them. As we grow out of our teenage years we start discovering the deeper side of life. Slowly we learn to face difficulties. Life is full of struggles but, we must learn to build courage to face reality.

Life is full of challenges but it all depends on you, whether choose to swim or sink. There is one thing that we should bear in mind as we go through life — it is tears and smiles that make the music of life. Death is a part of life. So when you leave this world, leave a mark that will serve as an example for generations to come. — Alina Manandhar, Class IX, Shuvatara School