What makes an ideal teacher

Teaching is profession that is respectful and honourable. It is also a trying but endless job to upgrade and promote others in a selfless motive.

An ideal teacher possesses good qualities, practises what s/he preaches and preaches what s/he practises. S/He leads his students by a personal example and helps students to discover their individual talents. S/He motivates students to succeed and contribute towards their personal achievements.

A good teacher has sound knowledge of his/her subjects. S/He always works to create a learning environment for students and keeps his/her class lively and


S/He enjoys working with students on all educational and personality development programmes. A perfect teacher helps his/her students to develop a sense of value and ethics to strengthen their character.

A true teacher is someone who knows no egotism or vanity. An ideal teacher never loses his/her temper in the class.

The qualities to become a good teacher are —

T: Trained, Trustworthy, Talented

E : Educated, Enthusiastic, Energetic

A : Able, Active, Alert

C : Cooperative, Courteous, Caring

H : Honest, Helpful, Hardworking

E : Efficient, Expert, Extrovert

R : Regular, Reliable, Resourceful.

To be a teacher is to have a great mission in life.