What’s in vogue


The fashion designer, as a profession, has recently emerged as one of the most sought out careers among the youths. These youths have their own creative style of dressing and believe

in setting a trend rather than following a trend set by others. A career in fashion design not only involves meeting glamorous people and interacting with rich and famous but also gives an impetus to the creative flair of the people who possess a sense of style. Popularising and marketing of the various styles and products is done through ramp shows and fashion write-ups. Fashion is a term commonly used in relation to clothes, dresses, garments, textiles, etc. There is an increase in quality textiles and materials for the fashion designers to work with. Fashion is identified today with status, acceptance and it almost implies social involvement.

Nature of Work

A fashion designer creates designs for almost anything, which is part of the garment of men, women, and children. Designers understanding the needs of their clients create attractive and functional garments and accessories according to the latest trends, market conditions, weather and also keeping a close watch on the fit, style, colour, texture, size and material. From the rough model sample garments are made in the final fabric.

Ability and skills

A fashion designer should be artistic and creative. They should be able to express their ideas in sketches. They may not be brilliant artists but must be able to combine colours, shades, and tones. Designers have the flair for creating with fabric and know how to use textiles

effectively. Designers need to have visual imagination and the ability to think in three-dimension to translate into garments what they visualise. A fashion designer must be fashion conscious and must be aware of market requirements. In order to have an International perspective, they must read more and more of international fashion journals, books, on history and art. An understanding of the market and customer lifestyle is required, so that design is suitable for people they are made for. Designers must be good communicator and very clear with their idea, which is reflected in the presentation of fashion, shows. Top designers must be highly original and inventive.

Specialisation of Work

The main area of work in the fashion industry are :

•Design Department.

•Marketing and Merchandising

•Manufacturing department

•Fashion coordinators

Education and Training

People in this field need a good sense of line, colour, form, a sense of balance and proportion,

and an eye for detail. Graduation from a school or college that provides specialized training in fashion designing is recommended. Some of the educational training centres in Nepal are:

•IEC Institute of Fashion Designing

•Namuna College of Fashion Technology



Remuneration mainly depends on the personal ability and skills of the individual. “Since we don’t have people working with the trade houses here, there is no question of getting salary.

Those who have done their course in Fashion Designing open boutiques and it all depends on

how they run the show,” says Kavita Agrawal, fashion designer, Pahiran Fashion Studio.