Where’s the thrill?


Genre: Thriller

Director: Nirmal Sharma

Cast: Ramesh Upreti, Rajani KC, Namrata Sapkota, Nir Shah, Rhitik Shahi and Sugam Sharma

Being screened at QFX Cinemas


Ayush (Ramesh Upreti) and Mini (Rajani KC) are a newly married couple madly in love with each other. Ayush has to go to Pokhara for official work. He works for Suraj Construction and his boss Suraj Jung (Nir Shah) gives him the opportunity to construct a stadium in Pokhara and makes sure that this couple settles in Pokhara without any difficulty. However, this does not happen. The couple is attacked by people who are not satisfied with the construction work. Then due to excessive work, Ayush is not able to pay attention to his wife and her needs. As a result Mini develops friendship with Love (Sugam Sharma). But who is this Love? Why is he not visible to others? What is the mystery behind the bracelet?

This being Upreti’s comeback movie, he has acted his part well. The role of a mature and responsible man having a family suits him perfectly. He has immersed himself in the character. KC as his wife has loud expressions when she is being bubbly and lively. But she executes subtle and apt expressions being sad or angry. Namrata Sapkota as Sharma’s love interest Pari in the film has justified the character of a prostitute. However, Sharma has similar expressions for all kinds of emotions. Rhitik Shahi has played his part well as a doctor and concerned friend.

The story fails to justify itself as a thriller. There is nothing thrilling in the plot. The details about how things are taking place and why they are happening are missing. There are not much authentic information on characters. The film is predictable.

Though the songs — Mero Zindagima, Mai Nachhe, Khai Maya Gareko and more — are a visual delight, they don’t fit in the movie well and seem more likely that they have been inserted to lengthen the movie. And Mero Zindagima is repeated so many times that it ends up irritating you. Plus there are too many loopholes in the plot. And the director has failed to take care of the small details that matter to get the audience hooked.