Who will be the lucky eight?


This week’s episode of Samsung Nepali Tara has set a new record on public participation in the show. Above 1,50,000 votes poured in from different parts of the country in support of the audience’s favourite singers. One participant of ten finalists will have to walk away from the show in each episode for eight weeks ahead. The decision has been made tallying the audience vote and judges’ evaluation of individual performances. The nine survivors of the last round are quite excited about their transformation into mini-celebs within a short span of time. They are getting mature and better after every episode and the positive response they receive. Dipak Limbu said, “It’s quite amusing and uplifting to be loved and feted by everyone even as we are quite humbled by the responsibility it puts on our shoulders.” The show has pioneered digging out of hidden treasures in the Nepali music industry. All nine participants are keeping their fingers tightly crossed that they will make it to Round Next. However, the axe is sure to fall on the weakest link as fans and music lovers wonder: “Who will be the lucky eight?”