Why college is different from school

College really is the best time of your life. It is a time to be involved in everything your college or university will have to offer. When you reach your 30s, you will likely look back at your college experience and wish you really could do it all over again. Welcome to college, where you are now considered an adult.


Being a first-year student is fun! Unlike school, where your first year is usually filled with anxiety and the occasional wrong-classroom mishap, colleges prepare first-year students with an orientation that builds a strong bond among class members. Attend as many orientations options as possible.

The Learning Environment

Get used to saying “Professor” or “Dr.” Your teachers are no longer Mr. or Ms. Guess what? You are expected to have an opinion! You are no longer a passive learner who just sits and listens to a teacher, occasionally writes a paper, and takes a test in which you are expected to simply reiterate what you have learned or been told by the teacher.

Your Social Life

Balancing academic and social life is difficult. This balance is something that most likely your parents helped you with in school. Now that you are in college, you can no longer rely on your parents for structure, rules, or academic motivation. All of these are now in your hands. Some students become so involved in social activities that they neglect their academics. While

it is good to explore new surroundings and take advantage of social opportunities, it is imperative that you cut out time to focus on your studies.


Unless you are coming from boarding school, you most likely will need to adapt to life with roommate. Although some think having a roommate is an infringement on privacy, a roommate is actually a great benefit in college. The first few weeks of college can be a lonely time — you are in a new place with new surroundings. A roommate can keep you company and will help you adapt to college life because you are adapting together.

What to Eat

Eating healthy was not something that you needed to think about because somebody else was buying and cooking the healthful food. Once in college, you have a wide variety of healthful and unhealthy foods to choose from every meal.

Making Your Own Choices

When you are in school, your parents are often there to stand between you and temptations. Once parents are removed from the equation, you are left with you and your choices. However, this is where personal choice and responsibility come in. You make all of your own decisions in college.