Will Kajol-Aamir magic work?


Fanaa, the bittersweet love story of a terrorist and a blind girl, hits the screens on May 26.

Featuring Kajol and Aamir Khan, who will be seen as lovers for the first time on screen, the film is woven around terrorism. Although the subject matter sounds depressing it has harvested a lot of curiosity among movie buffs mainly because of Kajol, who is making a comeback with the film.

Fanaa is an Urdu word, which means destroyed in love. The film depicts the tale of a blind girl who discovers enchanting love that eventually destroys her. It focuses on the journey of Zooni Ali Beg (Kajol), a blind Kashmiri girl, who wants to discover life and isn’t going to let her handicap stop her. She bumps into a fun-loving tourist guide Rehan Qureshi (Aamir) who seems to understand her better than anyone else. But her happiness is short-lived because she discovers things about Rehan that turns her life upside down. She finds herself standing at a crossroads and making the hardest choice of her life.

Fanaa shows signs of being an excellent treatment of love, life and terrorism. Its music is already a chartbuster and the key players in the film are some of the best performers in Bollywood. (Call 4442220 for show timings)