Women’s rights through the ages



Aamodhbardhan Kaudiny-ayan (Aamodh Acharya) has authored Veidic Dharmasashtra Ra Sampatima Mahilako Adhikar (Vedic scripture and women’s right to property), a book that has a detailed study of the rights and role of women in our traditional society, according to the Vedas, Mimansha, Samhita and much more Brahmanic literature.

 The author — a lecturer at Balmiki Vidhyapeeth and researcher of the Vedic literatures — has tried to clarify the misconception of the people on the position of women in various Hindu literatures in comparison to the present women’s movement.

The author has chosen some of the most controversial topics — from the Vedic period to the modern times — like the right marital age of a girl child, remarriage of a widow, women’s right to property, a mother’s right to property and has tried to explain these issues according to the ancient Hindu literatures.

 Veidic Dharmasashtra Ra Sampatima Mahilako Adhikar could be useful for researchers and students, and be a reference for women rights activists.