World of imagination

KATHMANDU: A writer tries to convince a frustrated character to be a part of his literary work. The character dissatisfied with the way other writers have focused on her physical aspect looks for a commitment from the writer. The write explains the difference between reality and imagination — him and the character.

As the artistes from Sarwanam rose from their seats among the audience delivering their dialogues, the audience was awestruck by the whole performance. These actors were enacting a scene from the play Antardwanda by Gopi Sapkota.

The performance was preceded by the launch of Kalo Aakriti, a compilation of 10 plays by Sapkota. Famous poet Dr Mohan Himanshu Thapa unveiled the book on July 8 at the Academy Hall.

Sapkota has been associated with theatre for a long time; he even acted in one of the plays by Sarwanam in the early 90’s. Director Ashesh Malla said Kalo Aakriti has been a valued contribution in the theatre field and also coined Sapkota as a dynamic writer.

He further talked about the lack of theatrical point of view in the critical analysis of plays. “It is very important for a play to be enactable and Sapkota thinks about the way the scenes will be acted while writing,” he said.

Om Mani Sharma, Bishnu Babu Ghimire and Govind Raj Bhattari were also present at the function.