Drink it to the less and eat it to your heart’s content! And yes, like you should never have done before. Yak and Yeti makes us see what we’ve really overlooked and what more there can be to what we’ve been so familiar with. “Beer has been a food staple in most parts of Europe for almost 8,000 years and has been used as a flavouring in foods,” says Chef Nilesh.

Indeed, what we have inviting at Hotel Yak and Yeti is a different way to booze altogether. Though, this time around it’s not only the drink but also an entire range of exclusive snacks brewed in beer, to go along with the not so-often-heard-of ‘beer cocktails.’ And this time don’t you let this opportunity to experience a novelty slip your path!

The Pub, Hotel Yak and Yeti has a variety of beer cocktails to select from. The cocktails range from AJ’s Bubbling (beer cocktail made of rum, tequila, whisky, crème de menthe

and beer) and Ginger Apple Fizz (beer ginger and apple juice), which are drinks designed for the non-alcoholics. Besides, for snacks, you have a variety of items brewed in beer that includes beer can chicken, shell on tiger prawns steamed in beer, steak with onion gravy and beer battered potatoes and sausages with mashed potatoes.

So, get prepared to barge into The Pub and relish it like never before. The “eat beer, drink beer” festival is on till 30 August.