Young inventors


An inter-school competition on ‘Innovations’ in the field of Science and Information Communication Technology was organised by Alok Vidya-shram. A total of 76 stud-ents, between the age gro-up 8-16, from 17 different schools had participated in the competition. The preliminary round was held on September 16 on the school premises. The competition had been divided into two categories, Science and Information Communication Technology. It was organised to help students explore their creative sides. They made improvisations of science kits which would help to provide solutions specially prevalent in rural areas. They were encouraged to use available materials and local resources. The judges for the Science competition were Shalini Wadhwa, Rishi Shah and Bijay KC. The ICT category was judged by Allen Tuladhar, Dilip Agarwal and Biplav Man Singh. The winners will be declared on September 21.