Young & passionate


One of the youngest among participants in the Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal beauty pageant, Hema

Shrestha believes that she’s learning a great deal during the run-up and is prepared to grapple with the best of them all to make it to the top. This exciting and fun girl loves nature and is extremely passionate about music. Participating in social events is one of her preoccupations that has taken Shrestha as far as Sri Lanka where she participated in an environment camp. Shrestha, however, thinks she’s too young to correctly predict where her passion would lead her finally in life. Shrestha will participate in the pageant along with 18 other contestants at BICC on September 10.

Name: Hema Shrestha

Place of birth: Kathmandu

Date of Birth: 07 July

Ambition in life: to become a popular musician

I like: Dancing and exploring new places

I hate: Nothing

Present occupation: Student

Hobbies: Playing the violin

Favourite Place: one that’s peaceful and beautiful

Idols/heroes: None that I’d like to mention

Inspiration for becoming a model: The SOS (Society of Social Workers) family

Favourite outfit: sari/ salwar kurta

Favourite brand/ colour of lipstick: I prefer the natural gloss in my lips

Favourite cosmetic brand: Revlon

Favourite perfume: I don’t use perfumes

An ideal husband would be: Independent, understanding and one who’d love me a lot.