The thick covering of haze looming in the atmosphere since last week has reduced to an extent owing to the rainfall that occurred in the hilly areas of the country including Kathmandu Valley on Wednesday evening.

The episode of light rainfall on Wednesday evening brought some respite to the pollution-affected areas as the atmosphere that was blanketed by smog from Friday has become slightly clear, today. Kathmandu Valley had recorded 7.8 millimetres of rainfall on Wednesday.

As per the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, the Wednesday rains were a result of an impact of westerly winds. However, it would still take a few more days for the weather to completely clear, the department said, as the wind speed should be higher than it is now for the smoke and haze to clear out.

The wildfires that are rampant in Nepal have been attributed as one of the major causes behind the present weather condition that has even led the government to shut educational institutions for a week given the associated health risks.

Currently, partly to generally cloudy weather is being witnessed in the hilly areas of the country due to the impact of westerly winds while other parts of the country are struggling with smog.

On Thursday afternoon, there is a possibility of light rain with thunder at many hilly areas of Province 1, Bagmati Province, and Gandaki Province.

The minimum temperature of Kathmandu Valley has been recorded at 13.6 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature at 26.5 degrees Celsius, today.