The smog which have been blanketing the Kathmandu Valley since Friday is to stay for few more days.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology informed that the air pollution caused by wildfire in most of the districts, long drought and lack of strong wind is behind the cause.

The polluted air has badly declined the visibility, affecting flights across the nation from Kathmandu. However, the atmosphere which is currently stable will improve in two to three days, according to meteorologist Bibhuti Pokhrel.

Due to air pollution, a majority of people in and around Kathmandu valley have experienced eye irritation and difficulty in breathing.

The Department has requested people not to leave home and compulsorily use mask and maintain further alertness in case of leaving home to stay away from effects of air pollution.

Currently, there is minor effect of westerly wind and local wind, which will cause light rain with thunder and lightning in few places of hilly region in the country today, the Department forecasted.