Minister for Health and Population (MoHP) Hridyesh Tripathi has hinted that a Health Emergency could be declared in the days to come.

Addressing a virtual presser on Monday, Minister Tripathi said there is a possibility of a state of health emergency being imposed amid the surge of a new and more virulent variant of coronavirus infection.

"We have received suggestions from many public health experts and epidemiologists to declare health emergency. The government has taken those suggestions positively, made a note and is studying them," said the health minister.

The measure could be adopted to control the uncontrollable surge of daily cases in recent times.

"Everybody's priority should be to strictly follow the health guidelines to stop the spread of the contagion," minister Tripathi also said at the virtual event.

Meanwhile, in response to queries on meeting the Covid-19 vaccine demand, he claimed that the government is doing its best to procure vaccines from various countries.