The construction of a sub-station has reached the final stage of completion.

The structure for the 132-33 KVA power transmission line is under construction at Nawalpur of Lalbandi Municipality in the district. It is being constructed to extend the central electricity line in the district.

Nepal Electricity Authority constructed the sub-station at a cost of Rs 463.6 million. It is expected that electricity supply in the district will become reliable and regular with the construction of this sub-station. Its construction was started in fiscal year 2018-2019.

Chief of the sub-station Niranjan Saha said although the sub-station could not be completed in time due to the lockdown, it would be accomplished within the current fiscal year. He said the construction company is carrying out works to complete the project within a month from now.

According to him, power will be supplied to the sub-stations at Haripur and Malangawa after completion of the Nawalpur sub-station, which will resolve the electricity problem in the district.

Currently, the three sub-stations based in the district are importing power from the Dhalkebar sub-station in Dhanusha and the Chandranigahapur sub-station of Rautahat district.

With the construction of the Nawalpur sub-station, power can be directly supplied to Lalbandi and Hariwon while operating the service from the sub-station at Haripur and Malangawa.

Saha said the electricity brought from outside districts was not adequate to meet the power demand in the district.

Moreover, there is disruption in power supply in the district for many hours even due to a minor problem in the transmission line as the transmission line from these districts to Sarlahi passes through forest areas.

A version of this article appears in the print on October 18, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.