Three consecutive tremors with their epicentre in Lamjung were felt in various parts across Nepal on Wednesday morning.

The first shake was reported at around 5:42 am, according to the National Earthquake Monitoring & Research Centre (NEMRC).

The 5.8ML earthquake with its epicentre in Bulbule, Lamjung was felt mostly in the central and western parts of Nepal.

Later at 8:16, the second jolt measuring 4.0 on the Richter Scale was recorded by the NEMRC.

Meanwhile, the third jolt struck over two hours later at around 8:26 am. The epicentre of the 5.3ML earthquake also originated in Lamjung.

Prior to the three back-to-back Wednesday quakes, the last earthquake above 4.0ML felt in Nepal as recorded by the Centre was a 5.8ML earthquake with its epicentre in Binnaguri, India