All eyes on me!

With dreams in her eyes, Sandeepa Shahi  stepped into the enticing world of glamour. She tells TGIF about her love affair with the fashion world:

Photos by: Milan LamaLet’s start at the very beginning, how did modelling happen?

Envogue 2014 happened to me. That is where my journey started.

Was it a planned move?

No, it happened to me purely by chance.

You were very close to being the new face of En Vogue 2014. Looking back, how do you feel?

To be honest, at that moment I was dazed. They called my name as the runner up and only later did I realise that I was indeed very close to winning the title. Having said that, I was happy Prazoo Shrestha won because she deserved it.

What has the glamour world taught you?

It has taught me to value the importance of social media and networking. The most important lesson this industry has taught me is to never walk around with a bad attitude.

Do you think beauty pageants work as a gateway for girls to get into the modelling world?

Yes, beauty pageants do work as a stepping stone for those of us who want to make it to the modelling world. It gives us a glimpse of this charmed and famed world and helps us make informed decisions about our career in this field.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I never set boundaries for learning. I cannot see myself as a certain someone or a particular something in just five years. My motive is to be a good human being throughout.

What is that one thing that you need to stop doing immediately?

I think I should stop over thinking over things that, in the end, do not really matter.


















Getting to know Sandeepa closer

One actor you find irresistibly hot

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Colour that suits you best

My friends say I look best in black but I prefer pastel colours.

First date look

Comfortable and pretty, not too flashy.

Mall hopping or online shopping?

Mall hopping

At a club, a man offers to buy you a drink. What would you do?

Politely decline his offer.

Photos by: Milan Lama

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