Supernovas of 2016

This New Year we welcome the arrival of fresh faces into the modelling world. TGIF talks to few of the newcomers who are set to sizzle:

Anju Mahato,


Professionally a nurse and management student, 20 year old, Anju Mahato is a girl next door who works on her skills everyday to be better at everything she does.

Bhawana Khadka,


Dusky and charismatic

Bhawana Khadka started her modelling career only recently. For her, modelling is a hobby and a gateway to many opportunities.

Dawa Bhutik Lama,


Cute and bubbly, Dawa Bhutik Lama is gradually climbing up the ladder of success in the fashion world.

Ratendra Khand,


He is the heartthrob of the younger generation.

Ratendra Khand is a model who finds joy in what he does.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Bhawana: My style.

Anju: Self confidence.

Ratendra: My carefree attitude.

Dawa: My belief in myself

What’s your goal for 2016?

Bhawana: My goal is to become a fashion designer.

Anju: To complete my studies.

Ratendra: To become a successful entrepreneur.

Dawa: I want to be listed on the Best of 2016 list!

Your take on modelling and glamour industry:

Bhawana: The modelling industry offers more than just

high-fashion runway work. One can carve out a full-time career in this industry.

Anju: Modelling is about story telling. You get to tell stories through pictures. It’s a blessing.

Ratendra: A platform for all aspiring models to to turn their dreams into reality.

Dawa: Most people believe modelling is an easy task but only

those who are in this field know how difficult it is. It’s a tough

world out there.

Your most prized possession:

Bhawana: My love for fashion.

Anju: My career.

Ratendra: My parents.

Dawa: My phone.

Biggest career challenge you have faced:

Bhawana: I haven’t faced any. That said, I welcome challenges and I feel like I can deal with any challenge that comes my way.

Anju: Convincing my parents to allow me to be a part of the

modelling world.

Ratendra: Not yet faced any.

Dawa: Baseless gossips about me. It’s tough to be defending yourself all the time.

Most challenging aspect about being a model:

Bhawana: We always have to be ready and on the move.

Anju: Working long hours.

Ratendra: In Nepal, it’s really difficult to convince people about modelling being a career.

Dawa: Meeting expectations.

Models have a short career span, they say. What are your thoughts on it?

Bhawana: The main reason behind it is the country and its problems. Modelling industry is small and limited and we hardly get a chance to make a career of it.

Anju: Sadly, yes, models do have a short career span. When demand ends so does our career.

Ratendra: I do agree but it depends on how you work and what you do with the opportunities provided to you.

Dawa: I don’t think models have a short career span. Yes it’s difficult to make an impression in this industry but hard work will definitely ensure long term success.

Photos by: QB Maharjan and Binas Maharjan /THT

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