workoutMyth 1: I am too old to start weight training Fact: You are never too old to start a sensible weight training programme. You should have an individualised training programme considering your health status and objectives. Your individual goals, training programmes, and results will be different, but weight training can be beneficial at any age. Research shows that even individuals who are more than 70 years old gain strength and muscle mass after they begin weight training. So all you doubters go and hit some weights today, its better late than never. Myth 2: It is okay to cover a week’s worth of workout during the weekend. Truth: If it’s possible, spread your work out during the whole week. Just working on weekends will not be the same as a whole week of work. Instead, training three to four times (alternate days) should be targeted. Just working on weekend creates a wide gap between workouts which hinders the effectiveness of the workout and may increase the possibility of discontinuity. The recommended time distance between two workouts is not more than three days. Myth 3: Using vibrating exercise machines, rhythmic movement machines while lying or sauna belts are as good as going for regular exercise Fact: Some of these machines may have minimal muscle stimulation but are very far from achieving the positive effects of exercise. They do not have any scientific validity or proven health benefits. And more so it deprives you from the real experience of exercise and its benefits. physical activitiesMyth 4: My muscles will turn to fat if I stop exercising Fact: It is impossible for muscles to turn into fat as it is a completely different type of body tissue. However, skeletal muscles adaptation starts to decrease after stopping exercise. Sedentary lifestyle combined with increased calorie intake will result in excess fat deposit. This might appear as muscles turning into fat. Regular aerobic and resistance exercises are needed to maintain function, tone and adequate girth of muscles. Myth 5: Exercise is one sure way to lose all the weight you desire Fact: Exercise will lead to effective weight loss only if combined with well balanced low calorie diet and adequate rest. Doing regular exercise alone has multiple benefits but long-term weight loss may not occur. Some people do experience short term weight loss. Truth: Regular physical activity promotes health, a sense of well being, and healthy weight. Find ways to get active, stay active and become more active Enjoy your workout, don’t do it out of compulsion but of your free will. It’s a lifetime commitment that will benefit you. Also don’t seek immediate results. It will come slowly and with consistent effort. Please remember that any substantial change that you bring into your life will not come externally, it must come from within to last and result in success. Slipping up every now and then is also a process of progress, don’t give up on yourself and get right back into your routine. The author is a certified professional fitness instructor, founder and master trainer at Rage Fitness and a fitness columnist who specialises in mixed martial arts.