The Ghangri Sui Mai - Eat and leave satisfied

The Ghangri Sui Mai just might be one of the oldest restaurants in the Capital. With more than 40 years since its establishment, the restaurant has earned its fame from serving open Momos aka Sui Mai.

Located right beside the busy street of Teku, you will realise that the place does not seem to have any fancy decor or lighting and the whole ambience feels like a ‘meet, eat and leave’ kind of a place. After taking a seat, we were served water and a menu, and the waiter told us to place our order. We went for a plate of Momos and asked the staff about what special dish would he recommend for us (from their regular and limited choice of menu). We got an instant reply, “Chicken Basket with fries.” Chicken Basket it was.

It had been around 10 minutes since we placed our orders. While engaged in conversation we were served our first dish — Momos. It came with different flavoured sauces — chilli, soya bean, and homemade tomato sauce. They looked mouth watering and tasted good. After five minutes we were served our Chicken Basket with fries. To my surprise the legendary Ghangri Sui Mai Momo was outshone by the simple (in presentation) yet delicious serving of Chicken Basket with fries. The chicken was crunchy — slightly spicy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. The homemade ketchup was a perfect catalyst to the whole dish.

The staff were comfortable handling the busy restaurant. The menu seemed to be limited but had good options and the prices were reasonable for an ‘eat and leave’ experience. As for the location, there was enough parking space for motorbikes and the guards at the parking lot were friendly enough to assist.

Overall, it is a good place to go if one is really hungry even if you are on a budget.


Ambience: 5

Food quality/presentation: 7

Quality of service: 7

Hygiene: 7

Value for money: 9

Overall satisfaction value: 7