$1.7m plan to expedite justice delivery

Kathmandu, June 18:

The Supreme Court today launched ‘Strengthen the Rule of Law’ programme with an aim

to dispense quick justice and make court proceedings and related information more easily accessible.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided a financial support of $ 1.7 million for the programme which would provide training to jurists and help lower tiers of the court (district and appellate courts) provide digitised information to lawyers,

clients and the concerned people.

Until now only the Supreme Court has installed the facility of providing digital information about the court proceedings.

“The programme will build legal infrastructure in lower courts to promote mediation or out-of-court settlement so that the parties could settle their cases without going through an

expensive and sometimes time-consuming legalprocess,” said Govind Das Shrestha of Asia Foundation — the implementing agency.

According to a US Embassy press release, the programme will help the judiciary in building the foundation for credible and efficient justice institutions and providing responsive and

accessible dispute resolution services.

Supreme Court justice Kalyan Shrestha said the rule of law was of paramount importance.