Kathmandu, February 2 Police have arrested as many as 127 suspects as part of special security measures placed in Kathmandu against property crimes. The Central Police News Section today said Metropolitan Police Crime Division together with Metropolitan Police Range had launched the special anti-theft campaign on December 30. Of 127 suspected rounded up by police, 24 were sent by Kathmandu District Court to jail until final verdict. Similarly, 20 persons walked free after posting bail, while further probe is under way in the case of 83 others. During the special operation, police had also seized cash, motorcycles, gold ornaments, other valuables and iron hooks used for breaking padlock. As part of the campaign, police have been carrying out night ambushing, patrolling and frisking around-the-clock with focus on controlling thefts both during the day and at night in unattended houses and rooms in core city and beyond Ring Road areas. According to Metropolitan Police Office, as many as 521 cases of property crimes were recorded in the valley in the fiscal 2016-17 and 419 in 2017-18. Criminals have been making houses and rooms their soft target during office hours when the house owners and tenants leave their abode for daily work. Police said they were having a tough time dealing with property crimes due to involvement of same groups and persons in burglaries after doing time in jail or being released on bail. More than 40 per cent of the burglars turn out to be repeat offenders, thanks to the provision of lenient punishment in such cases. Police have advised people not to keep cash and jewellery in the house and rented rooms  if they are going to leave Kathmandu during the festive season.