174 people punished for throwing garbage on road

Kathmandu, December 18

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has fined 174 people this fiscal for throwing the waste materials on road. People are fined up to Rs 25,000 for throwing the waste and garbage on roads.

People are only allowed to throw the garbage and waste materials through the home garbage collection service. Those who are found to be throwing waste are penalised,” said Gyanendra Karki, spokesperson at KMC. Staffers from the metropolis have been inspecting areas in the city,” he further added.

“We will be taking stern action against those who throw waste materials. It is everyone’s duty to keep the city clean,” Karki further added.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development had also directed Kathmandu Metropolitan City, and all sub-metropolitan cities and municipalities to initiate action under Solid Waste Management Act, 2011 against anyone throwing trash from moving vehicles. The law has stipulated a provision of punishing a litterbug with a fine of up to Rs 50,000 or an imprisonment of up to three months or both.

The MoFALD had also concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association for management of waste produced from public vehicles where both the parties agreed to collaborate with each other to end the culture of throwing empty beverage cans, pet bottles, plastic bags, food scraps and fruit peels, among other things, from a moving vehicle.