Over 1,800 cottage and small industries registered in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: A total of 1,819 industries have been registered at the Office of the Cottage and Small Industries in Kathmandu in the past ten month of current fiscal year.

Indira Gautam, Spokesperson of the Industries said that 275 industries related to production, 616 related to tourism, 859 related to service, 68 related to agriculture and one related to science and technology were registered.

A total of 353 industries were registered in the Nepali month of Shrawan, 351 in Bhadra, 172 in Ashwin, 157 in Kartik, 169 in Mangsir, 144 in Poush, 139 in Magh, 160 in Falgun, 87 in Chaitra of 2073 BS and 87 in the month of Baishakh 2074 BS.

Similarly, Gautam also said that registration of the cottage and small industries has increased as investment-friendly environment has been created in the country after promulgation of the constitution.