25 on Nepal’s most wanted list

Kathmandu, April 22:

Nepal police yesterday updated the list of “most wanted” criminals and put the figure at 25. Crime Investigation Department (CID) of police headquarters updated the list and posted it today on its official website.

Police headquarters has listed 15 criminals (some of them accused) for murders, three for drug-smuggling, four for motorcyle thefts, one each for cheating, robbery and cow slaughter as most wanted criminals.

Nepal police spokesperson SSP Ramesh Chand said the convicts or those charged with crimes by the court and have been absconding for over six months are on the list. “If the accused or convicted persons are not professionals, we don’t list them as the most wanted criminals,” he said, adding, “If we think the criminals are a threat to peace and security of society, we put them on the most wanted list.”

“We have asked all police personnel in the country to catch the most wanted criminals any time and anywhere, without any prior order,” he added.

Dhol Bahadue Khadka, of Dolakha, murderer of father Gafne, a Japanese monk, and Raju Gorkhali, who has been charged with the murder of Rakesh Limbu, are among the most wanted murderers.

“Since drug-smuggling is a globally-organised crime, Nepal police forwards the list of most wanted criminals facing drug smuggling charges to International Police Organisation so that the organisation can keep an eye on them,” he added.

Police have put Ali Minya and Salim Shekh of Parsa and Manbir Moktan of Makawanpur as most wanted drug smugglers.

Though categorising criminals as most wanted means police have to step up measures to nab them, Nepal police has failed to do so due to the current situation. “On one hand, Nepal police has yet to develop work culture; on the other, police had to mobilise manpower in different “beats” like political demonstrations and fighting against the Maoists,” a police official at the CID said.