KATHMANDU: Police arrested three persons in possession of a gall bladder of Himalayan black bear from Thulobharyang, Swayambhu in KMC-15 on Wednesday.

The arrestees have been identified as Guna Dangol (47) of Khokana in Lalitpur district, Sonam Tamang (26) of Ralukadevi in Nuwakot district and Durga Bahadur Tamang (35) of Madanpur in Nuwakot district.

Acting on a tip off, a team of security personnel deployed from the Metropolitan Crime Division, Teku, raided the Thulobharyang-based Kwality Cafe and Banquet and seized a gall bladder of Himalayan black bear.

According to police, Dangol had lent the organ of the decling wild animal to the Tamang duo. They were arrested while they were drawing plan to sell it for Rs 1.7 million, said police.

The alleged smugglers were handed over to the District Forest Office, Hattisar, today. They will be tried under the National Park and Wildlife Act 1973, said police.

The widespread illegal killing of bear and trade in parts, combined with loss of habitat have triggered its decline in many parts of Nepal.