3 bikes donated to traffic police

KATHMANDU: Hansraj Hulaschand and Company handed over three more Bajaj two-wheelers to the traffic police during a function organised in the capital today. Earlier, the company had provided the traffic police with three 180cc Pulsar motorcycles for patrolling purpose as part of a Quick Response Team to help them enhance road safety and effective management of vehicular movement in Kathmandu.

Executive director of the company Shekhar Golchha signed a deal with Rabi Raj Shrestha, SP at the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, in this regard. Golchha also handed over a symbolic key to Kalyan Kumar Timalsina, AIG at the Office of the Metropolitan Police Commission.

Speaking at the function, AIG Timalsina thanked the company for its support. “The police can’t do everything on its own. It also requires public partnership to provide effective service for a safer society,” he said, appealing to all to work together with the police in this regard.

SP Shrestha said several steps and measures were being adopted by the MTPD to control the traffic-related problems due to excessive number of vehicles on the streets of the Kathmandu Valley. “The traffic police should be well-equipped to make the roads safe,” he said, adding that two-wheeler patrol would help the traffic police carry out their duties more effectively and efficiently.

Golchha explained that the company by helping the traffic police was actually helping the public. He also announced that the company was planning to provide six more motorcycles to the traffic police in the current fiscal.