Protesting activists detained from in front of Indian Embassy

KATHMANDU: Around three dozen human rights activists were detained for staging a protest in front of the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu against the de facto blockade imposed by India on Nepal, which has led to a humanitarian crisis, on Thursday afternoon.

On the occasion of the 67th Human Rights Day, Human Rights & Peace Society (HURPES) had staged the protest as a part of 10-day special initiative, according to Deputy Director of HURPES, Jaya Ram Basnet.

Protester had carried placards reading  slogans like “Blockade is a crime against humanity, it is an attack against human rights”, "Modi ji: end blockade respect, Nepal’s sovereignty", "India: blockade is crime against humanity’.

Among the detained are the founder chairman of HURPES and human rights activist, Krishna Pahadi, Chairman Gangadhar Adhikari, Advisor Hom Kanta Chaulagain, Krishna Kandel among others were detained by the Nepal Police immediately after the protest started at 1 pm, according to a statement issued by HURPES.

Veteran Pahadi and other human rights activists were detained for staging protest last week also.


Over 2 dozen activists including Krishna Pahadi detained for staging protest in front of Indian Embassy