3 govt companies make profit

KATHMANDU: At a time when a majority of state-owned entreprises have been incurring losses every year, three such companies were able to make a good business during this festive season. National Trading Centre (NTC), Salt Trading Corporation (STC) and Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) made a total transaction of Rs 30 million at the subsidised market they run during Dashain and Tihar. We sold electronic materials and machinery parts worth Rs 21.5 million, said Gauri Nath Jha, chief of machinery repair and sales section of NTC. Among other goods, we sold sugar in highest amount and made a total transaction of Rs 728,789, said Jagadish Chaudhary, zonal chief, STC. Similarly, NFC zonal chief Purna Shankar BC said they sold goods worth Rs 670,582.