Bibeksheel Sajha calls for alliance of alternative political forces

KATHMANDU: The Bibeksheel Sajha Party has called for an alliance of all alternative political units for building a stronger and more reliable force that would work for transformation of the country.

In a statement released today, the party has said that since the established political parties have repeatedly failed to provide a plausible exit the to country's long-standing problems, the need for a strong alternative force has become more evident than ever in Nepal.

The party has asked general public, supporters and workers of other parties, local and central level leaders that share the common goal of a prosperous Nepal to 'polarise' in this movement to build a strong alternative political party.

"We fear that the agenda of the newly elected left-alliance government, which garnered a clear majority, will be confined to big-talks and the main opposition seems more confused than ever. As such the dreams of achieving progress and development will remain as mere dreams," the statement reads.

"The hopes of common people for a prosper Nepal for themselves and for their future generations cannot be addressed by the current functional mode adopted by these parties. The need for an alternative political force becomes more felt at a time when the parties, despite a fresh mandate, have not been able to rise beyond nepotism, wide spread corruption and unnecessary politicisation of different tiers of society."

"We missed becoming a national party by a narrow margin, but the recently held Federal Parliament elections placed us as the sixth largest party in the centre while we became the fourth largest party represented in Province 3. A stronger alternative-party alliance will prepare us better for the next elections to and achieve out target," according to the release signed by party co-ordinators Rabindra Mishra and Ujwal Thapa.

A three member team comprising party spokesperson Surya Raj Acharya, Province 3 parliamentary party leader Ramesh Paudyal and party leader Muma Ram Khanal has been formed to held talks with interested units for an alternative-force alliance.