57 saplings planted in memory of quake victims killed in Dharahara collapse

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City today planted 57 saplings in the Bhadrakali-Singha Durbar area in the memory of people who lost their life when the Dharahara collapsed in the April 25 earthquake two year ago.

Amid an afforestation programme organised by KMC Office to mark the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake, the saplings were planted  to pay tribute to the quake victims.

Recalling an unfortunate incident of Dharahara collapse where 57 people lost their life, Chief Executive Officer of KMC Eshor Raj Poudel said that the saplings were planted in their memory.

Poudel further informed that groves will be constructed in various places of the city.  “Each sapling in the grove will have the name of the deceased,” stated Poudel.

Nearly 9,000 people lost their life in the 2015 devastating earthquake.