Nepal | November 23, 2019

600 students screens their eyes

Himalayan News Service

KATHMANDU: Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh has screened 600 students during two days free eye camp organized by Integrity club of Namuna Machchhindra School Lalitpur which was concluded today.

The five teachers and three parents have also benefitted from the eye camp. The four Assistant ophthalmologists two counsellors were conducted the investigations of those patients.

The 25 students have received free medication and 40 students have prescribed free glasses. The glasses will be distributed following the completion of the camp with appropriate eye power said organizer.

The 10 students were found with high myopia, nystigatmus, esotropia, and others.

They are referred for further examination with advanced machinery equipment at NNJS and will be provided free treatments. The students with eye infections and irritations are said to have infections because of pollution.

The 20 students with visual impairment and without impairment were mobilized as Volunteers and were engaged in managing the camp.

Indira Aryal, resource teacher and focal teacher for integrity club, Namuna Machchhindra Secondary school said “Eye camp is the first camp at our school and is initiated by students. Our school has students with visual impairment and they face lots of challenges in their daily life.

So seeing them, the students without visual impairment realizes importance of proper functioning of eyes. So, the students are much more excited to get their eye check up and get free services. Even School Management committee and parents have been really positive to Eye camp initiated by Integrity Child Club.”

Gobinda Sharma, Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh said “I am really motivated to see the initiation of students. They have come forward with demand of eye camp to benefit their whole school. We will select this school for other programs too. On demand of students, we are happy to conduct yearly eye camps”

Integrity Child Clubs has been established by Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST) Nepal with support of Integrity Action from 2015 to promote the culture of integrity in education sector.

They are involved in monitoring the education service and fixing the problems for better service. Integrity child club of Namuna Machchhindra School consist of 25 members – 10 students with visual impairment and 15 without disabilities. The school is with 38 blind students.



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