68 dancers held for obscenity

Kathmandu, August 21:

Sixty-eight persons, including four women dancers and two owners, were arrested from two dance bars at Thamel last night on charges of obscenity.

According to Tapan Dahal, Inspector at the Metropolitan Police Circle in Shorhakhutte, police filed cases under the Public Offence Act against the four women dancers and two owners of the bars today.

The police have filed cases against the owner of Taquila Dance Bar in Narsingha Chowk Dev Lama and the owner of First Floor Dance Bar of Chaksi Bari Sanjeev Pradhan. Inspector Dahal said the dancers were almost naked. A total of 62 persons were released at 4 pm today after they made written commitments not to repeat such obscene activities. The police had rounded up some 75 persons from Little Haven Dance Restaurant and Thamel Dance Bar a week ago on the charge of obscenity.