A man’s fight for a new lease of life

LALITPUR: Perhaps, it’s never too late to start life afresh. This is how, Ravi Tamrakar, 34, a resident of Lalitpur, feels after he transformed into a painter from a chronic drinker.

Tamrakar became addicted to alcohol at the early age of 15. “I never noticed how I became addicted as drinking was permitted in my family,” he recalls.

It was not until a couple of years ago that he realised his indulgence had exacted a heavy price. “I had to undergo a protracted treatment in the ICU of B and B hospital.”

However, Tamrakar’s family was unrelenting in their support to motivate Tamrakar from giving up alcohol.

Following treatment Tamrakar was sent to Life Saving and Life Giving Society (LALS), a rehabilitation centre, Balaju.

“Letting my pent up emotions became the way of finding new pleasure and I discovered the passion for painting,” he shared. His paintings are full of lessons and inspiration for addicts.

Tamrakar is still referred to as a drunkard by his friends and neighbours. Undeterred, however, he plans to put up his paintings for display on May 9 on the occasion of Drugs Day.

His wife Manju Tamrakar said, “I am very happy with his efforts and hard work. I am confident that he will be able to regain the respect he lost as a drinker.”