Absconding tax evader, fraud held after five years

KATHMANDU: A police team deployed from the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police has arrested a man, who was convicted thrice in tax evasion and government seal forgery cases, from Maharajganj of Kathmandu on Sunday.

The fraudster is identified as Damber Bikram Shah (48), living in Kupandol, LSMC-1.

The Kathmandu District Court on September 11, 2008 and November 22, 2010 had convicted him in different tax evasion and government seal forgery cases while the Lalitpur District Court on 2004 April 18 had convicted him in another similar case.

Collectively, he was sentenced to jail for three years and six months and slapped a fine of Rs 1.41 million.

Shah has been sent to the Central Prison in Jagannath Dewal of Kathmandu for execution of the sentence.