Address our concerns: NEFIN


Leaders of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities have started visiting different parts of the country to air their views on the draft constitution.

The umbrella organisation of Nepali indigenous nationalities has been

urging the indigenous people living at different parts of the country to register their suggestions in line with the 53-point suggestion they have registered at the Constituent Assembly.

General Secretary of the Federal Council of NEFIN Pemba Gurung Bhote, who reached Dang on Saturday, said NEFIN has been spreading the message of NEFIN’s differing views throughout the country. He said ignoring their concerns in the new constitution would result in nationwide joint movement of the indigenous nationalities.

“If the concerns of NEFIN raised through the 53-point differing view were not addressed, a movement will be launched,” he said, adding their movement would

depend on political parties’ jurisdiction whether they want a new movement or not.

Bhote said NEFIN has been preparing for a joint movement along with different right-based activists and organisations, including the Indigenous Nationalities National Movement led by Padma Ratna Tuladhar, for which a task force of veteran leaders and activists has been coordinating.

A task force led by Krishna Bhattachan has been formed, which comprises Bal Krishna Mabuhang, Shanti Jirel, Nanda Kangdangwa and Mukta Singh as members, for coordinating the movement of indigenous nationalities following the 16-point agreement of four major parties including Unified CPN-Maoist.

Former NEFIN General Secretary Bal Krishna Mabuhang said the task force has already prepared Terms of Reference for the indigenous activists and organisations for a joint movement but the busy schedule of NEFIN office bearers has delayed further discussions.

INNM Spokesman Om Gurung said a motorbike rally will be held on July 21 in different parts of the country.