Address our demands in package: UDMF to NC

KATHMANDU: United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) on Saturday demanded that all the political issues including demarcation of purported federal states raised by the alliance be addressed in a package.

The Front made such a demand during a meeting held with Nepali Congress at the later's Parliamentary Office in Singha Durbar today.

During the meeting the leaders of the Front accused the government of not being serious over addressing the demands and urged the NC to play an instrumental role to resolve the problems.

Emerging from the meeting, Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal (FSF-N) Chairman Upendra Yadav said that the Madhes agitation will not be stopped until the issue of demarcation of federal states concludes.

Similarly, Nepali Congress leader Mahesh Acharya said that his party would hold talks with other parties regarding an amendment to the Constitution in order to address the demands of the Front.