‘Pledge’ to promote human rights

Kathmandu, March 26:

The government has expressed total commitment to protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedom, according to the annual report presented by UN High Commissioner Navanethem Pillay to the Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday.

According to Nepal’s permanent resident representative to the United Nations and Nepal’s ambassador to Switzerland Dr Dinesh Bhattarai, the report was presented in the tenth session of the Human Rights Council.

Ending impunity, strengthening national human rights institutions, creating an equitable, just and democratic society, healing the wounds of the decade long conflict and creating a peaceful, democratic and forward looking society constitute the foremost priorities of the government, according to the report.

Bhattarai stated that the peace process was in progress and quoted the report as stating: “It should be acknowledged that the mere transformation of the system does not automatically lead to the institutionalisation of the democratic process overnight.”

He added that government and people expect better appreciation of their democratic achievements in a peaceful manner even under the trying circumstances, and look forward to an enhanced level of sensitivity, understanding and assistance for the durable peace, stability and sustained and inclusive development.

The report also stated that the government was set to form a Commission on Disappearance, and a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address impunity.

“The National Human Rights Commission has its power, status and independence significantly augmented as a constitutional body. Its resource base has been almost doubled.