PM Oli expresses discontent over Nepali Congress for non-cooperation

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Monday expressed his hope that the ongoing Madhes agitation would end very soon.

"The situation will improve soon," the Prime Minister claimed, "We have been extensively holding dialogues and discussions." Oli was speaking with a team of the Reporters' Club at his residence in Baluwatar today.

"The protesting side is gradually understanding the issues. A small section is yet to understand, but we are working to make it know the situation."

He also said the government was hopeful about ending the current stalemate through talks. He also urged the agitating Madhes-based parties to responsibly come to the negotiation table.

"Politics with petty interests should not be taken ahead when the nation is in crisis," the Prime Minister asserted, "All should be serious."

He reiterated that all issues could be solved through talks as the Constitution is ever amendable.

Claiming that the Constitution was democratic and inclusive, he urged one and all to cooperate with the government in its implementation.

Commenting on his criticism from different quarters for the recent Cabinet expansion and split of some ministries, he defended that it was compulsion of the coalition government in the given circumstances.

Oli said he wanted to hand over two ministries to a minister and not go for more than 17 strong Cabinet. But as one of the main allies (Nepali Congress) reneged on the agreement to move ahead together -- irrespective of the country's need of the hour, according to him, there was no other choice left.

It would not be the case if it was a government of two or three major parties, he said, "This is coalition government of many parties."

He further defended the jumbo Cabinet saying it would not inflict big burden to the state coffers as the ministers are lawmakers too and there was no big difference in their salaries.

Meanwhile, Oli said he would visit both neighbouring countries – India and China – by mid-April next year.