All appointments to constitutional bodies made after December 20 scrapped?


With the reinstatement of the House of Representatives, the question of what will happen to all the appointments that were made to various constitutional bodies after the House Dissolution is still at large.

The government, which was reduced to the status of a caretaker government after House dissolution, had appointed over three dozen people to vacant posts in various constitutional bodies, an act that was under scrutiny.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had introduced an ordinance to fill in the vacant posts after the House Speaker and leader of main opposition party refused to attend the Constitutional Council meetings held to decide on the names for the constitutional posts.

Later, the President, on recommendation of Oli-Cabinet had appointed and sworn in over three dozen individuals, stepping on the newly introduced ordinance.

The government had also relieved Province 2's state head Tilak Pariyar, having him replaced by Rajesh Ahiraj Jha on February 19.

The Supreme Court in its landmark February 23 verdict has stated that the decisions endorsed by the President after the House Dissolution related to the same will be considered to have zero legal impact and as such, stand overturned. However, there is no clear reference to other decisions made by the government after the event.