Allegations of corruption yet to be proven: PM Oli defends Baskota

KATHMANDU: "Gokul Baskota resigned not because he is corrupt but because questions were being raised against him," Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressed former Communication Minister's resignation issue for the first time today since his oust from the government following corruption allegations.

Speaking at a Nepal Communist Party (NCP) programme held in the capital today, PM Oli said that there is no concrete evidence that can be held against Baskota. "He has said that it is not his voice, the baseless allegations levelled at him by an amateur person do not establish anything," the Prime Minister said in defence of his once close aide.

Oli further stated that there is no need for anybody to publicise this matter as corruption as only accusations have been thrown. "Complaints haven't been lodged by anybody. If Gokul Baskota is found guilty, action will be taken against him. However, if the accusations are false, the person who lied will face action."

"Somebody has also included my name in a report. That is a rubbish report, a corrupt report," the PM fumed, adding that these acts were nothing but conspiracies carried out in a bid to fail the 'movement'.

Oli also defended his recent birthday episode wherein he was massively criticised for making his birthday celebrations a lavish affair. "People are just envious of the development works that have been carried out. They are making my birthday an issue in order to shift focus from people rejoicing newfound access to electricity and water," said the Prime Minister.

Opposition leaders as well as leaders from the ruling party had recently questioned Oli for flouting the party's code-of-conduct by celebrating his birthday amid fanfare.