ANNFSU central member joins ANNISU-R

Kathmandu, January 2:

Central committee member of the All Nepal National Free Students Union affiliated to CPN-UML announced today to join Maoist-affiliated students’ union. Namita Neupane stated in a release that she had decided to leave ANNFSU because the CPN-UML and ANNFSU were not doing enough towards building a new Nepal.

Neupane also stated that ANNFSU education policy was creating confusion among the students. “Maintaining status quo at a time when the progressive and regressive forces are having fierce battle would ultimately help regressive forces to raise their heads.”

She also appealed to like-minded revolutionary friends in the ANNFSU to join All Nepal National Independent Students Union - Revolutionary (ANNISU-R). Vice-president of the ANNISU-R Yubaraj Chaulagain said the central committee meeting of the union would decide how to accommodate her.