KATHMANDU: An event was organised in Basantapur today to protest increasing instances of rape. The event saw participation of a host of people including artists, activists, mediapersons, among others, who demanded that the state ensure justice for victims of such heinous crime.

Artworks by various artists were put up on display at the Basantapur square while a skit was also performed by Shilpee Theatre group at the 'gentle-protest'.

Many social media users have come together to actively protest the rise in number of reported rape cases and sexual violence using the hashtags #JusticeForNirmala, #RageAgainstRape, among others, and have conducted a series of activities to keep the momentum moving in favour of people coming together to ensure justice for rape victims.

Earlier on Monday, various renowned artists had come together in a bid to show solidarity to the cause and had performed live art session under the theme #JusticeForNirmala at Maitighar Mandala. The finished artworks were exhibited at the square today.

Prior to that, a citizens' march was organised from Maitighar Mandala to New Baneshwar on Saturday  which was attended by hundreds of people. The protesters called out on negligence on part of the government in terms of maintaining security as well as conducting fair investigations to bring the perpetrators to book in such cases.

The march was organised in the wake of the delay on part of the authorities in bringing to book the perpetrators of the gut-wrenching rape and murder case of a 13-year-old girl in Kanchanpur in far-western Nepal.

More than a month later, the victim still awaits justice as investigations into her rape and murder have gone from awry to suspicious.

(There has been a significant rise in the number of reported cases of rape, rape followed by murder and other forms of sexual violence in recent times.)