Ashram for HIV infected children

Kathmandu, January 25:

Dennish ambassador to Nepal, Finn Thilsted, inaugurated Keta Keti Ashram (KKA) for the children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS at Bansbari today. Currently there are 11 children staying in the Ashram whose parents are HIV positive. Some of the children are also infected with the HIV virus.

Thilsted said: “Sensible people in Nepal should do something for the misfortune (HIV/AIDS) before it becomes an endemic.”

He said he is happy with the establishment of the KKA.

Nepali people talk less about HIV/AIDS, and they lack awareness about its transmission and prevention said Thilsted at the inauguration function.

The Embassy of Denmark has supported the Ashram established by Nava Kiran Plus (NKP). The Ashram has capacity of accommodating 30 children.

Rajiv Kafle, president of the NKP said: “Our aim is to support the children for transitional period until their parents get economically and physically competent, however those with no place to go will be placed here permanently.” The children are brought from adult centres operated by the NKP throughout the country.

According to Kafle the NKP is planning to build its own building at Budhanilkanth.

“The care building would be the first of its kind in the world,” Kafle said, as the centre would be operated entirely by the people living with HIV with the help of doctors and medical professionals.

Schools are reluctant to admit the children in their school Kafle said to this daily.