Shakya only woman aspirant for chief minister’s post

Kathmandu, December 25

Many aspiring candidates in all seven provinces are fighting tooth and nail for the post of chief minister in their respective provinces.

Among all the aspirants, CPN-UML Vice chairman Asta Laxmi Shakya is the only woman candidate who is eyeing the post of CM.

According to a source close to CPN-UML Chair KP Sharma Oli, Shakya has high chances of getting the post of CM in Province 3. “The party leadership is also under pressure to elect at least one woman as CM.

Shakya is considered close to the Madhav Kumar Nepal faction. Thus, her chances of becoming CM are high,” said the source. Among the seven provinces, the left alliance has got comfortable majority in six provinces to form provincial governments. CM posts in Province 6 and 7 are likely to be given to the CPN-MC as per the earlier agreement between the CPN-UML and the CPN-MC. There are two aspirants for CM’s post in Province 1 and 4, while UML leader Shanker Pokharel is the only aspirant for the post in Province 5.

Shakya joined then CPN -ML in 1979 abandoning her family. The party was conducting underground movements during Panchayat rule. Her step was considered courageous because it was beyond imagination to think that a girl born and brought up in traditional Newar family could leave her home to become a party cadre. Political parties were banned in the country and joining a communist party was inviting trouble for oneself.

Talking to The Himalayan Times, Shakya expressed confidence about being elected CM of Province 3. “I rejected the party’s ticket for House of Representative because the party leadership expressed commitment to provide opportunity to me to lead the provincial government,” she added.