Kathmandu, May 20

Coordinator of Naya Shakti Party Baburam Bhattarai  Nepal today issued a press release saying holding  of the first phase local level polls marked  a historic achievement.

“It is an important step towards institutionalising political changes heralded thus far by Nepali people’s long struggle and sacrifice,” he said in the release. Thanking people who participated in the historic elections, Bhattarai said the overall election results were not in favour of his party, yet what his party which is just a year old, gained from the elections could not be discounted. “Our journey, which has just begun, has opened up   horizons of myriad of possibilities,” he added.

Bhattarai further said that the forces that feared the alternative forces conspired not to give his party an election symbol which also adversely impacted his party’s prospects in the first phase of civic polls. “Despite all this, we could field our candidates for most of the local levels and posts and that holds a symbolic significance,” he said and added that his party was grateful to those who voted for his party.

“Capitalising on the people’s trust bestowed upon us, we promise to champion the cause of alternative politics by introspecting our shortcomings,” he said. Bhattarai said the old political forces had made country’s politics corrupt and like an industry.

“Dismantling this industry and laying the foundation of moral politics is certainly difficult. Corrupt politics that has expanded its root to the lowest rungs of society cannot be uprooted by one jolt, but without demolishing this tree of poison, our politics cannot be clean,” he added.  Bhattarai said urban voters including those of Kathmandu valley had expressed their deep suspicion towards old forces.

“Whoever these educated voters voted for, I praise their conscious efforts,” he said adding that the old forces had the power and resources that they had accumulated through wrong means. He said old forces wanted to win elections using all bad tricks as their only aim was to win power. “Although we pursue virtuous objectives, we failed to protect our votes from old forces,” Bhattarai said and added that his party learnt a lesson that as long as voters do not find a reliable new force, they would continue to vote for old forces due to lack of choice.